Parasia International LTD/Mingle Instrument Limited is the largest bimetal thermometer factory in Asia, we are a Hong Kong based company established 1987 with its own manufacturing facilities in China, currently employing 1,000 workers in 30,000 sq yards of factory floor space.

Manufacturing quality measuring devices has been our core business for decades. Our product lines include kitchen thermometers, in/out door thermometers, window thermometers, weather stations, digital thermometers, kitchen tools, gadgets, UV sensors and emergency flashlights.

We strive to keep our technical knowledge vast, our vision wide and our market sense acute in satisfying today's market. We supply several major retailers and housewares companies globally. Superior quality at competitive prices and excellent customer service is and has always been our goal by our staff at MINGLE.

Apart from marketing our own brand names- ADMETIOR, SUNARTIS, EVERLIGHT, LORD MOXLEY and UV SENSE, we also offer OEM service and provide a one stop solution to our customers. Our OEM customers include several highly respected and very recognizable brands. We are consistently developing more originally designed products with innovative product concepts and unique features to differentiate our products from our competitors. With extended experience in the industry we have the skill, technical know-how, professionalism and recently developed unique products that we believe set us apart in the housewares industry internationally.

Mingle Metal (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary factory of Mingle Instrument Ltd located in Buji, Shenzhen, about a 35 minute drive from the Shenzhen border. Parasia International is the US Division of Mingle Metal LTD.

Currently the factory employs 1,000 workers that is capable of achieving monthly production of 1,000,000+ units. Our manufacturing facilities are divided into three parts. One specializes in the manufacturing of metal castings with individual departments for drilling, milling, lathing, polishing, spraying, silk-screening, etc. The second is responsible for plastic injection and the third assembly of parts/components and packaging of the final product.

In order to keep our products at the highest standards, all incoming raw materials go through our internal IQC (incoming quality control) and our QA (quality assurance) team plays an instrumental role in achieving quality finished products.

We have sales offices located in Hong Kong, Germany and Minneapolis, MN. Our US warehouse is centrally located in Elgin, IL.

Research & Development
We place great emphasis and investment on research and development. Our innovative designers and experienced engineers are continuously creating unique products that differentiate Mingle from other suppliers. Our engineers are also capable of designing special metal parts for our bi-metal products and special function IC used in our digital products so that our products are innovative both in design and function.